At last the Adamawa State governorship tussle has been resolved by the Supreme Court of Nigeria.
The Apex Court in its ruling again reaffirmed the mandate of Rt Hon Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri as elected Governor of Adamawa State. All said and done, the amount of pressure and attempts to truncate the People’s mandate has prove abortive.

Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri has again proved himself an indomitable overcomer that has survived several machinations to put down his political career. He weathered the storm of being Acting Governor twice.

When it became clear that Fintiri would be Governor in 2014, he was suppressed and prevented from vying for the office. The story of Fintiri did not end there. During the Presidential campaign of Dr Goodluck Jonathan, at the mention of his name, the crowd was ecstatic.

On later occasions when the name ‘Fintiri’ is mentioned, the response of the crowd further revealed how he has captured the hearts of Adamawa citizens. It therefore did not come as a surprise that having endured the vicissitudes of the political clime that did not seem to favour him he was returned as the Governorship Candidate more than four years after. The ” INDOMITABLE OVERCOMER ” by the will of God and Adamawa people became Governor of Adamawa State.

But things that should have been kept to rest did not work out that way. Technicalities and political mumbo Jumbo were put in his path.
It began with the MRDD a party relatively unknown under the mentorship of the then administration under erstwhile Governor Bindow became hell bent on distracting the normal electoral processes that were taking place to propel him to the Governorship position.

The challenge of the ommission of the MRDD then could be faulted on many grounds . For one, they pretended not to notice the ommission when the list of Governorship contestants was published by INEC, instead they waited until the election was declared inconclusive ( even when Fintiri was leading) before approaching the court to have the election cancelled. Once again Fintiri was vindicated following the subsequent litigation at the state High court where the case was dismissed.

It is instructive to note that this particular case roused the ire of Adamawa electorates who visibly voiced their angst in homes , streets, markets, work places etc…it was an AGONISING MOMENT then.

Not to let matters rest, a case was file at the Governorship petitions tribunal after his leading opponent former Governor Umaru Jibrilla Bindow congratulated him on his electoral victory. What would have been an end to the electoral process proved yet abortive as the APC took the case to the tribunal and lost out for lacking in merit.

The APC threafter took the case to the Appellate Court whereby Ex Governor Bindow was persuaded to apply and join join in the suit seeking to oust Governor Fintiri and declare him ( Bindow ) as duly elected . The suit was again thrown out.

Things would not rest again as the APC proceeded with the case to the Apex Court ( The Supreme Court of Nigeria). Beside being the Supreme Court at the helm of Affairs, the normal JAW JAW that is frequent in Nigerian politics and legal manipulations , word was abroad that the powers that be would manipulate the judgement of the Supreme Court to deny Fintiri’s mandate, but the votes of the people and their prayers could not give the ” manipulators ” their desired results.

It is pertinent to note here again that the tension and anxiety that gripped the minds of Adamawa electorates while awaiting the final judgement of the Supreme Court was EXCRUCIATING!! This is because while the Adamawa APC guys were relishing in the confidence of” grabbing back the power”, PDP supporters were genuinely in prayers and living with a realization of uncertainty as to ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN. Especially, bearing in mind the way IMO case was decided.

It could be recalled that before the Adamawa ruling, the case in Imo state in a much debated fashion that continues to hover round Nigerian political discussions created furor over interpretations.

Only after 2019 General elections did Nigerians wake up to learn a new phrase called ” inconclusive “. The word inconclusive to many Nigerians practically means being denied! Having agreed on anything, when you loose out the result is inconclusive “. So it was inconclusive in Imo when arose the claim that results from over three hundred units were ” inconclusive ” that made it possible for the number four position in an election to be declared winner.

This created fear in the hearts of those that voted for Fintiri , while the hawks of the APC became confident and were even publicly boasting that the people’s mandate will be snatched by a manipulated judiciary to hand over and ” underserved victory” to the people that have been rejected by popular votes and wish of the people. This of course did not happen.

The judiciary has proved that all said and done, it could stand up to its duties.
And now that the mandate of Governor Fintiri has been affirmed by the highest court of the law in Nigeria, he is saddled with the task of delivering what he promised the people and this is no easy task .

His pronouncement at the victory Rally which held in the state capital of checking the fraudulent activities that preceded him will not endear him to the people that soiled their hands in defrauding Adamawa citizens of what rightfully belongs to them. This is one aspect our Governor must pay attention to.

The Governor should be wary of people that would appear to be friends while in reality they mean him and the people of Adamawa no good.

The travails of Governor Fintiri might not have been over, his traducers will not rest and the people of Adamawa must continue to watch carefully how attempts would be made to hinder his government from achieving what was promised the people.

What transcends in the public domain might be unknown to him but his grassroot connection that has kept him will not be forgotten. He is set to work and will deliver on promise made to the people.

For Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri, he knows that the act of governance is not easy. He has been there, at the bottom up to the top.

Governor Fintiri knows what the people are , how they can change behaviour and under what pressure they would bend.

Adamawa has suffered a lot. Her resources has been plundered over the years and her future mortgaged in debts. It is high time the opposition, the fence sitters and traducers alike join hands in helping the FRESH AIR Governor to take the battered state out of the DOLDRUMS!!

George Kushi is the Chief Press Secretary to the Deputy Governor of Adamawa State



Hoping to restore the once aesthetic beauty of Malamre in Karewa ward of Yola the Adamawa State capital, where Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri’s personal residence is located, the Councillor of the ward Hon. Micheal Okopi has re-introduce the Saturday weekly sanitation exercise.

Environmental and health issues have been a major challenge in the vicinity, following indiscriminate dumping of refuse.

But the Councillor, who disclosed this during the clean up on Saturday, noted with dismay that cleanup and sanitation exercise was not conducted over the years.

He stressed that he decided to reintroduce the weekly Saturday sanitation exercise to keep the environment clean and tidy.

“In our determination to keep the environment clean at all times, we have decided to re-introduce the weekly sanitation exercise” mentioned.

Okopi was also appreciative of the people of the community for coming out in large numbers to support the exercise.

While urging residents and traders in the area to sustain the sanitation and cleanup exercise, he advised them to always keep their environments clean to be healthy.

The young politician while restated his commitment to execute good policies and programmes that would affect the lives of the people positively, urged the people to change their attitudes to environmental cleanliness.



A 60 years old Hernia patient was among the over 5000 patients who benefited from the 2nd phase of the Free Medical Outreach sponsored by the Senator representing Adamawa Southern Senatorial Zone Sen. Binos Dauda Yaroe in Ganye Local Government Area of Adamawa State.

The 3 days Medical Outreach which took place at the General Hospital Ganye took car of medical consultations and treatment, General surgeries, Dental care, Optometric services, Laboratory services and Counseling to people from all walks of life.

Speaking at the end of the 3 days exercise the Federal Lawmaker explained that the free medical care was necessitated by the need for the intervention to be taken to other parts of the southern zone for more people to benefit after the maiden intervention in Demsa. 

The senator mentioned a peculiar case of a woman who had persistent termination of pregnancy but was operated upon.

He stated that after the operation performed by his team of doctors, the woman gave birth to a healthy baby girl, stated that it is enough justification for the free medical care.

The lawmaker also narrated that  it was easier and reasonable for him to provide adequate free health care service to thousands than to provide individual empowerment; added that it is actual empowerment.

In his own remarks, Dr. Jama Medan said a total of 50 medical personnel participated in the medical outreach, pointed out that the exercise was a huge success; as they attended to various illness like Optic, Dental as well as other major surgeries.

The Principal Medical Officer (PMO) General Hospital Ganye Dr. Nnebue Chinedu said the hospital which is the oldest in the area receives patients from neighboring local government areas even patients from Cameroon Republic. 

While describing the intervention as timely, he pointed out that the people usually access medical attention after harvest and festive periods.

The Medical Practitioner enumerated some of the challenges been faced by the hospital to which include epileptic power supply, inadequate staff strength and equipments which will help them in rendering services to patients.

Some of the beneficiaries who spoke to newsmen commended Sen. Binos Dauda Yaroe for such an initiative.

Hureira Yuguda couldn’t hide her joy and was grateful to the Senator that relieved her of persistent stomach ache through surgery. 

She appreciated Senator Binos for providing free medical care, stated that it had brought relief to the poor and elderly considering how much they would have spent to meet their health needs.

Another benefactor, Robinson Augustine said people of the area are delighted that they have benefitted from the outreach considering the economic hardship currently experienced by the people of the area. 

“Thousands of people came for the outreach, may of us are farmers in this chiefdom and can’t afford to treat their illness but because of this intervention we were able to see doctors and even given drugs” he said

While assuring the Senator of heir unalloyed support and cooperation, he explained that it is the kind of intervention they desire from their leaders where many will be able to access free medical health care service.

Some of those who had major surgery included 60yrs old Halilu Aliyu who had hyena for over 10 years and was operated upon.  



Daniel Tabiyatiya

Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri of Adamawa State has challenged political office holders in the state to emulate Sen. Binos Yaroe by engaging in people’s oriented programme that will have a direct impact on the lives of the people.

The Governor threw the challenge while fielding questions from journalists after going round Ganye General Hospital, venue of the free medical outreach sponsored by the Senator representing Adamawa Southern Senatorial Zone.

Sen. Binos Yaroe taking Governor Fintiri round

While passing a high encomium on the lawmaker for his foresight for organizing a yearly free medical outreach to people of his constituency, disclosed that his administration has made the Health sector one if it’s top priorities.

In line with the adage “Health is Wealth” Governor Fintiri revealed that plan is in the pipeline to deploy medical equipments in an effort to make the hospital a referral center.

He said that the Health Sector which is one of the critical sectors will be revived, as such his administration Will make Ganye General Hospital working again due to it’s role in providing quality healthcare services to the people of the chiefdom.

Governor Fintiri used the medium to reveal his administration’s plan of renovating and upgrading other hospitals in the state, stock it with state-of-act facilities and to also provide qualified medical workers that will take care of the health needs of the people.

He finally urged political office holders to engage in human capital development programs for the overall interest of the people.

Following the success of the maiden Free Medical Outreach in Demsa last year, Senator Binos Yaroe who promised constituents of the yearly programme flagged off a 3 days Medical outreach for his constituents to access free medical diagnosis and treatments in Ganye.

The free medical outreach at Ganye General hospital is expected to cover more than the 8000 beneficiaries in Demsa, the screening of various ailments which includes HIV, Hepatitis a/b, tuberculosis, diabetes, terminal illness, eye problem, minor surgery, and dental issue.

At the flagging off exercise, Sen. Binos explained that as a legislator, he remains resolute and committed to serve his constituents.

While promising the good people of Southern Senatorial Zone that more projects are on the way, he explained that scholarships and empowerment programmes are in the pipeline.

He called on them to remain resolute, as he will provide dividends of democracy to all nooks and crannies of the zone.



Daniel Tabiyatiya

As year 2019 ran out, it was full of packaged events.

Amidst the sweet chaos, I took a step back to reflect on the achievements of the Fintiri’s led administration and what we should expect in the coming year.

Prior to the emergence of the new administration, I was optimistic that the people of Adamawa State made the right choice by voting Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri as the Executive Governor of the state. This assumption was predicted on the fact that in only 3 months in acting capacity changed the fortune of the state.

Having said that, you will agree with me that Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri has done exceedingly well in his first 7 months in office, from the education sector, security, infrastructure as well as welfare and if he continues with the current pace, believe me that he will project our state on a high pedestal.

Being an educated leader, in the 2020 budget tagged “the budget of rebirth”, the sector “Ministry of Education and Human Development” got the lion share of 17.3B.

Fintiri who is a product of quality education has not relent on reviving the education sector, the sector has received attention since the inception of the present administration.

He argues that free and high quality education is the key to the future as well as harnessing the potentials of the younger generation, that was why he had to introduce free and compulsory education for primary and secondary school pupils.

He restocked public secondary school clinics with drugs and first aid kits, he also facilitated for the distribution of 40,440 textbooks, 3,800 students desk, 200 teachers chairs and 26,000 science literally charts for public secondary schools across the 7 Local Government areas ravaged by insurgency in the state, as well as providing teaching materials to the 21 LGCs in the state.

He signed and approved scholarship for 60 students willing to study engineering courses in Mewar university India.

He ordered for the payment of scholarship funds to Adamawa Students studying in various universities all over the country, also ordered the construction of a 2,000 capacity hostel for students of Adamawa State University Mubi. He approved the conversion of college for legal studies to a faculty of law at the State University.

To provide a conducive learning and teaching environment, Governor Fintiri approved for the rehabilitation of 5000 classrooms in schools across the state and introduced free WAEC/NECO examinations to students.

The Governor was also instrumental for the conversion of Moddibbo Adama University of Technology Yola (MAUTECH) to a conventional University that will make it possible for the institution to make employments, accommodate more courses and admit more students.


There is a saying “Health is Wealth” and in view of these, Governor Fintiri allocated the huge sum of 10B to the sector in the 2020 budget.

He approved the sum of 26m for the release of 6 containers load of medical equipments abandoned at the Lagos ports for years.

The medical equipments were bought for the maternity section of Adamawa German Hospital which was constructed by former Governor Murtala Nyako.

He facilitated for a bill, under the Adamawa Health Insurance Law No 7 as amended which will provide free healthcare services to these set of people:
Persons under 20
Pregnant Women
Persons above 65
And physically challenged

Just recently, he commissioned the Dougirie Primary Healthcare Center, the medical facility which will provide services to Dougirei community is a joint project by the Adamawa State Primary HealthCare Development Agency and the Department of State Service (DSS).

Many General and Cottage Hospitals in the state are expected to undergo renovation and upgrading this year.

Infrastructure is the basic physical and organizational structures and facilities needed for the operation of a society.

This is now bringing us to the Ministry of Works and Energy who were allocated 16.2B, Ministry of Rural Infrastructure and Community Development got 7.5B while that of Housing and Urban Development is 2.8B.

This has to do with buildings, road construction and power supplies, which are essential commodities for a fast growing economy and development.

As regards to infrastructure, the urban area isn’t the only place benefitting, as he kick started the construction and rehabilitation of 281km rural roads in 15 rural communities across the state.

The communities the construction is taking place simultaneously are Konan Yaji – Mijiwana – Gilanbara – Amdur.
Hong – Mijili – Kuvagaya
Wurobokki – Uding – Pella
Longa Ewa – WuroAbbo – Wuroyombe
Toungo – Kiri
Kola junction – Boshikiri Shelleng Bakta
Numan/Biu road junction – Bare
Tolde Pate prison – Yadim
Gurin – Falingo
Parda – Muninga
Daba- Mayo Belwa
Pole wire – Ndikong
Ngurore/Mayo Belwa road junction – Gongoshi
Ribawo junction – Muchalla
Mayo Nguli- Manjeken – Salama

Can you remember the much talk about Pella – Maiha road during Governor Nyako’ tenure? Governor Fintiri has ordered the contractors back to site, now they have done almost half of the road, these with numerous roads contract abandoned by contractors all over the state.

The most popular and deadly road at the center of the town (Bachure road) will have a new look as the Governor approves and even flagged off the construction and rehabilitation of the road.

The Bachure road is among the roads listed from the 18kms road to be constructed within the state capital and environs.

Some of the these roads include Benue street
Kaduna street
Lusaka street
Abeokuta street
Ndafaro street
Philip Maken and link roads
Lagos, Falu and link roads
Old Government House street
Man ills and Jambutu streets at Nasarawo borehole.

You will agree with me that these are the major roads in the state capital that is in dire need of rehabilitation and reconstruction, other roads will be included subsequently.

The last time citizens of the state benefitted from housing allocation is close to 10 years during the time of Former Governor Nyako and Boni Haruna.

Governor Fintiri flagged off the construction of 2000 houses across communities in the state, 1400 houses will be built in the state capital, while the remaining to be constructed in other communities across the state.

Toungo Local Government Area which has been cut off from the national grid for more that 20 years has now been reconnected owing to the parallel commitment of this administration to the provision of social basic amenities.

The state secretariat has been operating without electricity and portable water, thanks to Governor Fintiri, lack of electricity and portable water is a thing of the past.

Streetlights installed in the state capital that were not functional due to the sabotage by hoodlums have been restored.


Prior to the advent of this administration, the state has been battling with unresolved security challenges of arm robbery, kidnapping and the dreaded Shilla boys. His political will to stem the tide of insecurity has brought criminal activities to its lowest ebb.

The sordid experience of inhabitants owing to criminality activities have now become a forgotten issue. Today, the people of the state can sleep with their eyes closed and go about their businesses unmolested.

His uncompromising stand on insecurity is responsible for the arrest of over 200 Shilla boys, over 50 kidnappers and also brought to the barest minimum, farmers and herders clashes through the involvement of vigilante groups and security operatives.

It is safe to say that the present administration has achieved 95% success in the fight against insecurity.

In the same vein, his administration acquired 60 Toyota hilux and 59 motorcycles for distribution to security outfits in the state, to aid them in fighting criminal activities in the state.

Apart from sending a bill to the State House of Assembly concerning the activities of criminals in the state, the activities of cattle rustlers has been drastically reduced. More interesting is the implementation of a salary structure for vigilante groups because of their significance in checking criminal activities, banditry and insurgency.

So far, the present administration has recorded huge success in the fight against insecurity, you hear little or no cases of criminality.

Every decision and policy this government has rolled out is for the betterment of the people and not for the Governors personal benefit.

The government had so far shown faith with the people and the future looked very good for the state.

With what the people saw, expectations will be high this year as other communities and local government areas will want to breath the fresh air of the present administration. If I were them, I wouldn’t stress a finger knowing well that Governor Fintiri is equal to the task and will deliver on the mandate given to him.



Following series of poor outing in the Nigerian Professional League, the Head Coach of Adamawa United Coach Mohammed Bello has been sacked.

Coach Bello guided the Yola based football club to the Premier League from the Nigeria National League in September even after his side lost to Akwa Starlets now Dakkada FC in the finals of the NNL Super 4.

Coach Bello’s sack is coming after the team lost 0 – 2 to Rivers United in front of home fans.

Adamawa United have recorded only three wins after 11 games, drawing one and losing seven.



Daniel Tabiyatiya

Following the released of list for the Governor’s personal aides, the newly appointed Senior Special Assistant (SSA) to Adamawa State Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri on New Media, Malam Muhammad Bakari Tukur has promised to justify the appointment given to him by working tirelessly in promoting the developmental strides of the present administration.

In a Press Statement released and released to pressmen, the SSA New Media appreciated Governor Fintiri for finding him worthy of the appointment despite numerous available and capable persons.

He explained that within 7 months in office, the present administration has so far proven to be the government of the masses, assured the people that he will use his influence to make sure they enjoy the dividends of democracy by promoting good governance, transparency and accountability.

Popularly known as M.B Tukur, stressed that he will justify the confidence reposed on him by the Governor through working hard for the betterment of the citizens of the state.

He revealed that despite the high expectations and demands of the citizens, he will align himself with the 11 points agenda of the Fintiri’s led administration in-order to achieve the desired result.  

Furthermore, he urged citizens to rally round and support the present administration’s drive for a better and flourishing Adamawa State.

He equally appreciated all those who wished him well over this appointment and appealed for prayers, support and understanding as the task before him requires patience, perseverance and above all hard work.



Hon. Bathiya Wesley Mava’ama, a member of Adamawa State House of Assembly representing Hong Constituency, has donated wrappers, cash gifts to his constituents in the spirit of Christmas celebration.

Hon. Bathiya has while distributing the gifts on Thursday in Hong , said the gesture was borne out of his desire to enable the beneficiaries and their family members to celebrate Christmas with ease and Joy.

He said the gesture was part of his service to God and humanity.

According to him, “Christmas season remains the best time for wealthy individuals to give alms to the widows, orphans and the less privileged in the society.”

He assured the people of more dividends of democracy to improve their standard of living.

“I will continue to initiate good policies and programmes that will have direct bearing on the lives of my people and that of the state in general.

“In the first place, the essence of me joining politics is to touch the lives of my people positively, hence the need for me to continuously to improve the standard of living of my constituents.

“I decided to distribute cash gifts and other essential materials to my constituents to enable them celebrate Christmas with joy, the gesture is not to Christians alone but even to non Christians” he mentioned.

“This will go a long way in improving their standard of living, augment the hardship faced during festive period,“he said.

The lawmaker reminded the people that such gesture was extended to the Muslim community as well, as he did something similar to the Muslim faithfuls during the Sallah celebrations

Hon. Bathiya assured of quality and sound representation at the assembly  in the interest of peace and development.

He solicited the support of the people to enable him to succeed in the task ahead of him.

He further urged the people and the state in general to continue to live in peace, respect constituted authorities and be law abiding for development to thrive.

He also urged them to continue to support and pray for the Fintiri’s led administration so as to enjoy more dividends of democracy the present administration has offered.

One of the beneficiaries only known as Ama Sharp Sharp thanked the lawmaker for the gesture and prayed God to reward him abundantly.

“We are really proud of you as our good representative. You always carry everybody of the constituency along, irrespective of their religious, ethnic and party affiliations” she said.

“We the good people of Hong Local Government Area urge you to continue in that direction as the sky will continue to be your limit, ” she added.

She finally assured the lawmaker of their total loyalty and support to enable him to succeed and bring the positive change and to also address the needs and aspirations of the people of Hong constituency.



In fulfillment of his campaign promise, Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri has flagged off the construction of 18.1kms roads within Jimeta metropolis.

Speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony, the Governor stated that the construction is part of the promises he made during electioneering campaign.

“For the people of Bachure Community, you recall that the closing of our electioneering campaign I promised that this particular road will be the first to be awarded” he said.

“I’m glad that we are here today to witness this giant step of promise fulfilled, I hope that the people of Bachure community will breath the fresh air that comes along with this development” he added.

On abandoned projects, Governor Fintiri explain that despite the lean resources of the state, his administration reached an agreement with contractors and that they have been mobilized back to site.

He mentioned that he is resolute in making Adamawa work again by fulfilling all his campaign promises.

“We have recently flagged off rural roads construction and have concluded plans to to commence the construction of 2000 housing units for civil servants” he said.

Furthermore, Governor Fintiri revealed that his administration will not rest until it meets the high expectations of the masses, added that plans are on the way to modernize the road transport network in the metropolis with the construction of fly overs at critical locations in order to ease traffic flows especially at peak times.

He finally challenged the contractors to use their wealth of experience to ensure qualitative and timely delivery of the roads.

In his speech, Commissioner of Works and Energy Development Adamu Atiku commended the Governor for his foresight in marking key areas for the construction.

Adamu Atiku
Commissioner of Works and Energy Development

He said that the construction is in tandem with the present administration’s 11 points agenda of providing dividends of democracy to the people.

While appealing to the host community to support the construction company, he challenged the construction company to stick to to the agreement they signed with the government.

Representative of Batco CMC Africa Ltd, the construction company handling the road construction, Mr. Nabil Suliba who also spoke at the ceremony said they have mobilized equipment to the state.

Representative of Batco CMCAL Africa
Nabil Shuliba

Mr. Nabil added that in an effort to show their commitment in delivering within the stipulated time, their team of surveyors will work throughout the holiday.

In their goodwill messages District Head of Jimeta Alh Muhammed Baba inuwa Paris and State PDP Chairman Barr AT Shehu commended the Governor for awarding the contract, stating that the road has been neglected for so long.

They then urged the people to support the Fintiri led government in its quest to turn the fortune of the state around.

The 18.1kms road construction was awarded to Batco CMC Africa Limited at the initial contract sum of Five Billion, Eight Hundred and Fifty Nine Million, Forty One Thousand and Seven Hundred Naira (N5,859,041,700.00).

The amount is based on difficulty of construction in built-up areas, enlargement of drainages and culverts in muddy terrain, compensation on affected property and relocation of utility services.

The roads to be constructed include Benue Kaduna, Lusaka, Abeokuta and Ndaforo streets.

Others are Philip Maken and link roads, Lagos, Falu and link roads, Old Government house, Mambilla and jambutu streets (Nassarawo borehole).



Daniel Tabiyatiya

Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri has challenged sworn-in 21 newly elected local government chairmen to identify the peculiar needs of the people inline with his administration’s 11 points agenda and to desist from unnecessary trips. 

The Governor threw in the challenge at the swearing-in ceremony of the 21 elected local government chairmen at Mahmud Ribadu Square Yola.

Governor Fintiri commended the Adamawa State Independent Electoral Commission (ADSIEC) for conducting a widely acknowledged free, fair and credible local government election. 

“It is unfair to say that there won’t be no exercise without hitches but the ability to overcome the challenges ADSIEC demonstrated is what made the difference” he stated. 

He disclosed that “mischief makers and bad belle politicians made attempt to twist the truth about the election, labeling it as not free and fair when that could not be said about the previous local government election conducted under their watch”

Governor Fintiri while congratulating the 21 Local Government chairmen, said the landslide victory is a clear indication that the people are happy with the proactive agenda of his administration. 

Furthermore, he called on the people to rally round his administration as he provides them with the dividends of democracy. 

In his speech, the PDP state chairman Barr. A.T Shehu applauded the chairmen over their resounding victory at the just concluded polls. 

He challenged them to key into the 11 points agenda of Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri for the betterment of the society. 

The Secretary to the State Government, Bashir Ahmad who spoke at the event congratulated the 21 elected chairmen, said it is a well deserved victory. 

He described the election as the most credible free and fair local government election ever conducted in the history of the state. 

The SSG while commending Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri for not interfering in the election process, described the Governor as a statesman who believes in electoral process and the rule of law. 

Responding on behalf of the newly sworn-in chairmen, Chairman Michika Local Government Hon. Micheal Shehu appreciated the Governor for not interfering with the election, described it as free and fair. 

While commending ADSIEC for providing a level playing ground for all aspirants, he also commended the electorates who excel used their franchise and voted the ruling party into power. 

Hon. Micheal further promised that the chairmen will make the government of the day proud by providing the needed dividends of democracy to the people.He mentioned that as they take over the affairs of the local government areas, he promised that they will discharge their duties diligently just as they have taken the oath of office.

The 21 local government seats were all won by the ruling PDP as declared by the Adamawa State Independent Electoral Commission (ADSIEC) in the just concluded December 7th local government polls.