Daniel Tabiyatiya

There is no doubt that Adamawa State Governor Rt. Hon. Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri is the Moses of our time.

He is regarded as a special baby, being the only son of his Mother while the first to his father, a dogged and fearless leader, he is the first person in the history of Adamawa state to be an elected Governor, after serving as a legislator.

Being a courageous leader, since childhood, Governor Fintiri is known to always keep to his words. He face obstacles squarely.

In this write up, I helped you analyze the performance of the Governor while he was a member of the house of assembly.

He executed unforgettable projects in his constituency and beyond, which itched his name in gold .

His love for education has been there in his heart since, it was the love for education that made him to construct 2 classrooms and headmasters office in each wards of his constituency. Constructed Primary School classrooms in the 10 wards of his constituency in collaboration with the Adamawa State Universal Basic Education Board, through the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

In the education sector, he gave scholarship to the final year students from his constituency .

His drive to providing portable water to his people made him drill 20 boreholes/hand pumps which spanned through this constituency.

He facilitated for the construction of 9 kilometers road from Shuwa to Kirchinga.

The Health sector wasn’t left behind as he Purchased  Ultra  Modern Scanning Machine for use in Gulak Cottage Hospital.

Free medical service was given to all patients of Madagali Local Government Area and some part of Borno State.

He also billing clinics/dispensaries in Duala, Kirchinga and Wuro – Gandi villages.

He provided free malaria drugs in various hospitals and clinics in Madagali Local Government Area and also organized Free treatment of victims of eye complication and sharing of medical glasses by foreign eye consultants.

9 kilometers electricity project to Kirchinga town, the only town that lacks power in Madagali Local Government Area.

His philanthropic gesture of providing to the unfortunate led him visit unit to unit, Ward to Ward sharing of food items to refugees from Borno State and some citizens of Madagali Local Government Area.

He took the responsibility for treating victims of cholera as a result of the outbreak from Borno State and some citizens in his constituency.

The youths too were not left behind, being a young man himself,  he sees youth empowerment as something very important.

The contributions of the youth in community development cannot be over looked that is why the youth of Madagali are continuously empowered so as to give their maximum contributions to the economic development of Madagali LGA and Adamawa State at large.

His first empowerment programme was responsible for the upliftment of 8 youths  from the 119 units in Madagali Local Government Area,

He distributed, Cars, Motorcycles, Generators, Water pumps, Welding machines, Vulcanizing machines, Sewing machines, Barbing Kits ETC

He also gave out financial assistance to medium and small scale business owners.

Looking back to his achievements during his time as a member representing Madagali Local Government Area, there is no doubt that the people of Adamawa State made the right choice.

As a great politician and a humanitarian, his scorecard alone propelled him to greatness, it speaks volume and also carries weight.

It’s like a Déjà vu as Governor Fintiri is repeating the feets that propelled him to the scene, but the only difference is that this time around it is for the whole state.

If you check well, there are similarities between what he did as a member of the house of assembly and what he is currently doing as a Governor.

He has proven beyond reasonable doubt that he means business, he is unbiased as he treats everyone the same way irrespective of party, ethnic and religious affiliation.

Governor Fintiri is changing the narratives

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