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We can’t castigate Governor Fintiri while we praised Governor Nasir El-rufai of Kaduna when such action was taken in Kaduna State

Daniel Tabiyatiya

There was wild celebration when Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri ordered for the payment of salaries with the new national minimum wage, starting from this month.

For me, it didn’t come as a surprise because Gov. Fintiri has proven times without number that he is a man who matches words with action.

Being a staunch supporter of the present administration and Gov. Fintiri, I cannot but applaud him for how he has been able to tackle numerous issues he met on ground upon his assumption into office. 

There is no doubt that Governor Fintiri is known to be a civil servant Governor, he proved that during his first spell as acting Governor in 2014, apart from paying the 2 months arrears left by the Nyako’s administration, salaries were constantly paid. 

Fast forward to this year, immediately he assumed office as the democratic Governor of the state, just like he did in the past, he settled 2 months outstanding salaries left behind by the Bindow’s era, he paid leave grants as well. 

Not only that, he flagged off the construction of 2000 housing units for civil servants in the state. No doubt, Governor Fintiri has civil servants at heart. 

For some reasons, he had to suspend the sunset employment of more than 5000 workers that were employed by the immediate past administration of Gov. Bindow. 

That is the only issue that is jeopardizing the efforts of the Governor who is hell bent on reviving and restructuring of Adamawa State. 

It’s actually a thing of joy to see the issue put to rest once and for all, I was tired of seeing people grumbling about the situation. I have family and friends alike who are affected, I believe the Governor himself has relatives that are affected by his decision but I also know that it is in the interest of the state. 

But the decision of the present administration to terminate the employment of staff employed from 2017-2019 was greeted with so much rumbling. 

I must commend the Governor for taking the bold step of disengaging some of the staff employed at the Adamawa State Polytechnic Yola, I believe that the action was taken in the best interest of the state. 

Not that I’m happy about the engagement but I believe that the weed was separated from the chaff. 

There was numerous case of incompetence and illegality in the whole employment process, while some were suspected of buying the employment letters, some of the employments was done not in tandem with federal character as is enshrined in the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. 

Prior to the disengagement, the Governor constituted a committee to look into the whole employment saga and it was after the committee report that the Governor acted on the recommendations of the committee. 

Even though some people, most especially those affected and people connected to the opposition party are not happy, it’s not about a particular set of people not being happy but about the future of the education sector. 

I heard from a very reliable source that the present administration is working out modalities to create a portal for employment opened to all citizens of the state unlike what was done by the immediate past administration who gave out employment letters to their friends and cronies who are  unqualified

I urge the people affected to take the decision in good faith and apply when the portal is open, Adamawa will be great again.
We can’t castigate Governor Fintiri while we praised Governor Nasir El-rufai of Kaduna when such action was taken in Kaduna State

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